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Mar, 2023

MLL ballpark rules/information

We are looking forward to a fun and exciting 2023 spring season!! Here are some guidelines to follow while at MLL ballpark:

1. All smoking is prohibited at MLL including vaping, that means not in your car or the porta potties

2. No pets allowed, not even left in your car

3. Please park in a designated parking spot. Do not park in any random non parking spots, i.e. in front on the dumpsters, porta potties, wherever is says no parking, board and umpire parking, etc… Again sheriffs like do come out and write tickets! 

4. Please pick up after yourself! Make sure your trash goes into the garbages! Help us keep Morada Little League and Davis Elementary School CLEAN! Leave the dugouts and bleachers clean for the next game. 

5. No one is allowed on Davis Elementary’s playground until after 6:00pm Monday-Friday due to their after school program. Let’s make sure we respect that.

Please let all your family and friends know so we all have an enjoyable season watching these kids!!!!

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