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Apr, 2022

2022 MLL All Star Form Information

2022 All Star commitment form can be found under Important Forms Tabs see above.

What does this 2022 MLL All Star Form mean?
We want everyone who is interested in playing all stars to fill out this form if they are available the months of June, July and possibly August. Even if you have a trip planned but interested fill the form out and put dates that you will be gone and the coaches will decide.  This does not mean if you fill out this form your player is automatically on the all-star team. This form means that your player is available and willing to participate in all stars for 2022.

How are the all star teams selected?
All the forms will be collected and managers will vote from those forms whether or not your player will be on the all star team.

What do I do with completed forms?
First print the form from important forms then fill out the information. Then all of these forms can be handed into your managers or at the snack bar to Alex Bradley, Travis Quarisa or Roland Brewer. 

Questions call or text
Travis Quarisa

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